My name is Bettina and I own and operate Luxe Catering & Events.
I am so happy that you decided to check out Luxe in consideration for your event!
I am a very passionate person in regards to everything I do.

I am passionate about my business, God, and most of all, my family. Beyond that, I am motivated and creative. I am constantly seeking out new and fresh ideas for food and décor. I feel blessed to have a job that I love, that makes me happy – a job that’s fun. Above all, I take pride in putting every drop of love, hard work, and pure adoration for life that I possess into all that Luxe delivers.

Of course, it’s no secret that many people are prone to get stressed out before big events. With that in mind I encourage you to sit back and relax, if even for just a moment, to check out all that we have to offer you at Luxe Catering & Events!